Love is All

Growing hockey for people with intellectual Disability.


With this program we want to accelerate the growth of ID Hockey by involving more intelectually disabled players and supporting them to build their confidence on and off the pitch and thus improve their mental health. The team working on this consists of 10 partners passionate about developing ID sports (sports for intellectually disabled) in Europe. The group consists of partners from the Special Olympics, national hockey organisations, the european and international hockey federation and the University of Copenhagen . We're grateful for the financial support provided by the Erasmus+ Sport programme of the European Union.


of the project
This programme will lead to players integrating more in the European society by developing life skills on the pitch and applying them off the pitch. We want the ID Hockey teams and players to become an integral part of the Hockey Family bringing an abundance of joy and hugs to both the ID members, their families as well as the regular members. We will grow the ID Hockey participation from current 14 countries to 20 in 2024 by providing a clear pathway and toolkit for both emerging and developed national hockey associations.


Jan 2023

State of the art analysis

Analysis of existing programmes, which will serve to understand what is already existing "in the market". Primary scope are ID sports in Europe, but also other markets will be taken into consideration. Insight analysis into ID sports know-how.

Oct 2023

Designing the toolkit

Design a toolkit containing a grassroot model, coach development manual, event manual and life skills programme for players.

Oct 2024

Toolkit piloting and finalization

In order to produce a modular and effective toolkit the designed toolkit will be piloted and evaluated in the partner countries. With the feedback the final toolkit will be produced.

Dec 2024

Digital delivery

Developing a user friendly IT platform and IT content for all interested to access the toolkit content in an easy, open and accessible way.

May 2025

Evaluation and finalization

Gathering project insights - key insights/findings pooled from participants on a regular basis and archived for future publishing/analysis. Completing legacy document and deciding how to share it. Final evaluation.



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