the project

This program is about 10 european partners from various backgrounds teaming up to put together development programmes and toolkits in place to help more ID hockey players to enjoy sports and via this way to learn valuable life skills. The programme will focus on both the development of the players as well as all the staff positions like trainers, umpires, officials, health care experts and more. Besides the official partners we have support from many organizations and experts who offered their help but could not be part of the official consortium. With their expertise and support we are convinced we can deliver on our ambitions and disseminate all outputs among all 43 hockey nations.

Kick-off meeting Amsterdam, 2022


D1.1 Sound human, financial and administrative management
D2.1 Scoping review document
D2.2 State-of-the-art insight report
D3.1 Grassroots model and guidelines
D3.2 Coach Development programme
D3.3 Event manual
D3.4 Life Skills programme
D3.5 Toolkit Manual
D3.6 Programme evaluation report
D4.1 Digital resource and development platform
D5.1 Dissemination plan
D5.2 European ID Sport dissemination seminar
D5.3 Insight & legacy plan

Love Is All

“Within the hockey family we care about inclusivity as it is part of the foundation of our sport culture. We called the programme Love is All after a song by Roger Glovers (from Deep Purple) who was so kind to allow us to use this song about tolerance and inclusivity as an anthem for our project.
 Life is about energy and from experience we know that our ID hockey players have a lot of energy to give all of us. We’re determined to make this project a success and are convinced that it will give ID sports a big boost so more people can enjoy sports in the surroundings of friends and family”
– Gino Schilders, program lead


The team is composed of members from many european organizations, where most of them are directly connected to field hockey.
Czech Hockey Federation
Czech Republic
International Hockey Federation
European Hockey Federation
Copenhagen university
German Hockey Federation
Spain Hockey Federation